Note: The following is not medical advice. These are not medically-backed claims from traditional science. This is an overview of what a variety of people believe about these stones, the related chakras and their uses.

There are many shades of opal, and there are some types that are capable of linking with all the chakras. Infused with color and light, opals respond well to different chakras since they have high vibration energy. Opals are also efficient at removing blockages in the body. Being a light stone, opal is connected to the spirit realm and higher communication.

A crystal that you can barely see through.

Opal Chakra Stone: Flexible and Adaptable

Opal is a unique stone and is packed with millions of tiny spheres. This exotic stone contains every color of the rainbow and is almost 20 % water in one gemstone that can be several colors such as purple, blue, red, opaque, and black.

Opals found in Kenya date back to 4000 BC. Every ancient culture has myths and legends featuring the opal chakra stones. There are many types of opal chakra stones, and we will discuss them later on:

  • Pink Opal Chakra
  • White Opal Chakra
  • Green Opal Chakra
  • Fire Opal Chakra
  • Blue Opal Chakra

Healing Properties

Physical Healing

The opal gemstone is flushed with health. This gemstone can heal different infections, lowering the fever and improving the immune system. If you have constriction of the respiratory system or chest, the opal stone can reduce the constriction.

People struggling with chronic conditions or long-term illnesses consider opal a true companion, which helps them get healthy. The opal chakra stone can also enable the liver to function properly and reduce the pain associated with childbirth and PMS.

The stone is thought to be able to renew skill cells in youngsters, bring brightness to the eyes, and strengthen hair and nails.

An opal geode laying exposed.

Emotional and Mental Healing

Opal can bring complete harmony and balance to your life. This chakra stone has deep energy and encourages people not to shy away from themselves and have the courage to look deep inside themselves.

The opal chakra stone is about amplification, which means that the stone can take a smidge of feelings or thoughts and shines its light on it so you can observe it. The stone amplifies the feelings, sends messages to the universe, and helps take all the junk out of your heart and vision.

The opal chakra means that people should let go of old connections, patterns, and wounds that are of no use anymore.

Finding the Opal Chakra Meaning Based on Color

Opal occurs in many colors, which is why the stone has acquired the reputation of being all-purpose. While opal is a powerful and energetic stone, your intention is more important than the color of the opal stone.

Some crystals have vibrations that align them with a certain chakra; opal has vibrations of all the chakras, depending on the color of the stone you have chosen. The most desirable opal stones contain several colors, making them ideal for chakra.

However, suppose you want to concentrate on a certain type of chakra. In that case, you should choose a variety of opal or crystal that corresponds with the accepted color designation of the chakra.

For instance, if you want to clear or cleanse your throat chakra, choose crystals in varying shades of turquoise or purple. The lighter opal shades are good for the highest chakras, while the palest shades are typically associated with the crown chakra. For lower chakras, dark shades are perfect, typically red or black.

  • Sacral Chakra: Fire Opal
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow Opals
  • Root Chakra: Boulder/Black Opals
  • Heart Chakra: Pink or Green Opals
  • Throat Chakra: Blue Opals
  • Third Eye Chakra: Violet Opals
  • Crown Chakras: White Opals

A statue of a golden monk.

Pink Opal Chakra

This is a powerful crystal, and when it comes in contact with the heart, it unlocks and activates the heart chakra. The stone imbues the aura of the person with tranquil and calming vibrations. The stone is perfect for those with a broken heart or struggling with sadness. Pink opal helps your emotional body heal during the loss of a loved one, break ups and long-distance relationships.

White Opal Chakra

This is a stone of light and magic; it has a curious iridescence and angelic glow, making it a must-have for jewelers, crystal lovers, and collectors. This is a stone of serenity, calm, and balance. The white opal has two other names as well:

  • White Milk Opal
  • Porcelain Opal

This stone favors good relationships and positive emotions with others.

Green Opal Chakra

This stone is beneficial for you if you struggle to address racing thoughts, uncomfortable or painful memories. The water of the green opal chakra will help you to balance your emotions as you work to organize your thoughts and confront them.

For people that feel closed off or ruled by emotion, green opal can be helpful, as it gently joins the mind and heart and encourages them to grow.

Fire Opal Chakra

The fire opal’s frequency connects with the sacral chakra. Fire opal will allow you to express emotions passionately, creatively, and artistic manner. The fire opal chakra will help you overcome your fears and abilities by unleashing your optimism and confidence. The energies from fire opal will enable you to take positive action.

A figure sitting on water with colored orbs for the positions of each of the seven chakras.

Blue Opal Chakra

This is a delicate and beautiful gem with a mystical brightness that gives it unmatched elegance. The elegance of this stone is hypnotizing for those that approach it. This opal stone is a mineral, and its composition is similar to quartz. This stone has water molecules in it.

The main purpose of this stone is to improve relationships and attract love. The stone can make people feel at peace through its vibrations. The mineral acts in the wake of problem-solving, intuition, and emotions. This crystal will help you find the best within yourself and guide you with the purification of energy.

Mixing Opal with Other Crystals for a Boosted Effect

Opal is a versatile crystal, and you can also combine it with other stones. The vibrations from opal are mostly protective and supportive, so if you want a motivational outcome, you should cast the net further afield. The stone can help with your intentions, as long as you are clear about what you want to achieve or manifest.

Chakra Crystal Combinations

Use shades of opal that are dark with Hematite and Black Obsidian if you want to be in touch with your instincts and feel grounded. If you feel worried or uncertain that you will not meet your material requirements, use the opal stone to work on the base chakra with red jasper or black tourmaline.

Use the orange and yellow shades of opal to cleanse and balance your solar plexus and sacral chakras, along with sunstone and carnelian. Opal’s white and blue shades can be combined with blue lace agate, quartz, diamond, sapphire, and sodalite to help to clear and cleanse crown, third eye, and throat chakras.

Other Combinations

Opal stones will be useful if you want to make a healing grid for a specific purpose or a mandala. The stones will amplify the energy of several crystals and, more importantly, absorb the user’s wishes and intentions to an extent.

You can combine obsidian and opals to let go of negative behavior and thoughts. You should remember that focusing on negative things or those that aren’t beneficial for you will only amplify their effect and attraction.

Make a decision to let go of all the harmful thoughts and behaviors. All the opal stones absorb, release and transmute the negativity into energy that is harmless. Opal will show you that everything you put out in the universe can find its way back to you.

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