Long hair is one of those archetypal symbols that we see all through different cultures in different time periods. It’s really something engrained in us to the point that we dream about hair pretty often. In fact, a lot of questions people have about dream interpretation come down to key symbols like this, so understanding the symbol itself is key to getting some answers.

With that said, your hair can actually mean a few different things. In what follows, we’ll help you narrow down your long hair dream meaning and show you what it’s trying to tell you about yourself and what you need to do.

Starting Off: The Spiritual Meaning of Hair in Dreams

To understand the spiritual meaning of something, we can look at what it has meant in general across several generations going back through different times and different cultures. However, this can be different than the message you’re given in your waking life from advertisers and other people who want to manipulate your opinions.

A dark blonde woman with long hair standing in a dream-like field.

Consider the following:

  • Throughout history, long hair has typically been seen as a sign of health and fertility.
  • Dreams about hair can often be based on this theme in terms of what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you.
  • The spiritual meaning of hair in dreams is frequently (but not always) more tied to the cultural context as a symbol that represents something else.

Additionally, you have to keep in mind that hair dreams can sometimes actually be about your hair, especially if you have some type of insecurity or are worried about cutting it.

Figuring out which of these two options is at play is really the key to hair dream interpretation in the larger sense. That’s why we need to narrow down a few things before we can give you a concrete answer.

The Importance of Logging These Dreams

One thing we recommend you do is to take simple notes to remember your dreams. Using a dream journal will help you to keep up with the recurring themes in your dreams as a whole. With dreams about hair in particular, this so helpful because it helps to solve the symbolism problem.

Put another way, you have to decide if the dream is actually about hair or if it’s about something the hair is supposed to symbolize.

When you use a dream journal to log your dreams, you can see the patterns across multiple dreams that can often just simply give you the answer you’re looking for. It’s a lot easier than trying to tease out the meaning from a single dreaming session.

A man sleeps on a bed in a dark area with a focus on his long hair.

Another Angle: The Biblical Meaning of Long Hair in a Dream

Even if you’re not interested in Christianity as a faith, the symbolism of hair in the Bible can be useful because it gives you an idea of how it was viewed at that time and across a number of different cultures.

In particular, hair in the Bible comes down to an idea of value in terms of fertility and health in particular.

That makes sense because starving to death was a legitimate concern for a lot of people in the time that the books of the Bible were written. Whether someone’s hair was falling out or whether it was long and healthy was a great visual indicator for our species, and it’s easy to see how that would become embedded in our unconscious minds.

In this sense, the Biblical meaning of long hair in a dream is similar to what you would expect from the cultural significance overall. Particularly in women, we see long hair as a sign that everything is okay. However, in the case of hair that has been pulled out or cut short, we often wonder (for better or worse) if something is wrong.

Using Lucid Dreaming to Determine Long Hair Dream Meaning

If you learn basic lucid dreaming techniques, you can use them to get deeper into what’s causing your dreams about your hair. The primary reason for this is twofold:

  1. You can more easily remember your dreams, especially details you would have forgotten otherwise.
  2. You’ll be an active participant in forming the dreams, so you can investigate exactly what’s going on to a deeper level.

While lucid dreaming can be a critical skill to learn for learning more about what dreams mean in the general sense, it can be particularly rewarding for situations like this where you aren’t sure if your dream is about the hair itself or about the symbolism of the hair.

And this is really the ultimate crux of the situation. Along these lines, you can look at what’s going on in your own life to try to make connections. Are you worried about your health? Does it feel like some type of threat is on the horizon? These can create feelings of your hair being in jeopardy in your dreams.

However, not all of these dreams are about doom and gloom. They can just as easily mean that you have opportunity that you’re in the middle of taking advantage of. Alternatively, it can be about feeling like you’re taking your proper place in life, as you’ll see in the following.

A woman sitting facing away has her very long hair pinned up by a stylist from behind.

What If I’m Dreaming About Someone Doing My Hair?

There’s a third possibility for what your dream can be about if the focus seems to be on long hair. It may not be about the hair it all. It may be about the person doing something to your hair instead, whether they’re styling it or whatever else.

For example, if you’re dreaming about someone styling your hair, then that’s usually about one of two things. On the one hand, if you know that person well, you’re feeling taken care of and valued by them most of the time. On the other hand, if you don’t know the person, or if it’s a non-descript person you can’t really make out in your dream, then the process of someone doing hair for you is more about reaching your station in life and feeling valued.

Working Out the Meaning of Your Dream

The thing about dream interpretation is that our unconscious minds don’t speak to us with straightforward language. Instead, it speaks to us with narrative and symbolism that often goes back far enough to have been caused by evolutionary pressure. This is the case with long hair dreams, and it’s why you have to work out the meaning a bit.

However, it doesn’t have to be super difficult, and your unconscious mind will actually help to guide you if you sit down to think about it. By working through the ideas we’ve given you here, you’ll have a much easier time figuring out what your dreams are and are not trying to tell you.

Additionally, if you decide to develop a basic lucid dreaming practice, you can work it out to even a greater level of detail.

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