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Manifestation can do wonders for a person and bring amazing things in life, such as a new home, job, or soulmate. However, what if you want your ex back? While getting your ex back might seem impossible, with the help of correct manifestation techniques and the law of attraction, you can bring your ex back and even strengthen your relationship.

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Make Sure You Actually Want to Manifest Your Ex Back First

The first step you need to take is to be clear that you want your ex back in your life. For manifestation to work and be beneficial for you, you have to be concise and clear about the type of outcome you want. Before moving forward, ask yourself these questions:

· Why do I want to manifest my ex back?

· Do I miss the comfort of having a relationship, or is there another reason?

· Do I want them back because I am scared to be alone?

· If your ex does return, will you be happy?

· Is it alright if my ex doesn’t return?

· Would be better I just tried to move on?

Write down all the answers in a journal or a notebook, along with the name of your ex. Ensure that you are honest with yourself, as the outcome will be powerful. It is essential to want your ex back for positive reasons and set those reasons in your mind.

If you want them back because of loneliness and desperation, this energy will attract negative experiences. Be clear in your mind about why you want your ex back and if you would be happy to have a relationship again. You need to remember that if a certain relationship is meant to be, the universe will inform you.

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Manifesting Someone Back Into Your Life: Follow These Steps

Here are a few steps that can help you get someone back in your life:

Use Written Methods to Manifest Ex Back

You must use written manifestation techniques to get your ex back. Take a journal make a list of your feelings and thoughts. Writing helps a lot and is therapeutic. Writing will assist you in releasing all the feelings and thoughts that have been building inside of you. Studies show that expressing writing helps regain composure in stressful situations.

Stop Asking How “Manifesting My Ex Back Works,” Since That Shows Doubt and Negative Thoughts

Stop asking how manifestation works, leading to negative thoughts and doubts. However, self-doubt happens to everyone, but for manifestation to work, you will need to eliminate self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs hold you back and stop you from doing certain things. This negative mindset can turn into reality, so you need to replace self-limiting beliefs or negative thoughts with positive beliefs. Some common self-limiting beliefs are:

· I don’t deserve love.

· I will be lonely forever.

· No one loves me.

· I will never be good enough for anyone.

Use Positive Thinking with the Law of Attraction to Get Ex Back

For the law of attraction to work, your intentions must be pure, and your mindset should be positive. Your thoughts and feelings are like a magnet; if they are impure or manipulative, you will attract negative energy and vibes towards yourself.

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Visualize that you are back together

Once you are clear about what you want, the next thing you should do is visualize the outcome taking place. Visualization is a manifestation technique and is extremely powerful. Visualization allows the universe and the mind to work together.

You can visualize a person back in your life by closing your eyes and imagining that everything in your life is exactly how you want it to be. Imagine yourself in a positive relationship with your ex. Visualize what you would do together, what it feels like to be in love again, and think about going on dates.

Remember, you have to visualize as if the outcome has already taken place and ensure that it is as detailed as possible. You should feel positive emotions about having your ex back in your life. Be 100 % certain that you will get your desired outcome.


Meditation is considered an effective method and is a good way of raising positive vibrations. Through meditation, you shut off all the external noises and the chaos and start looking inwards. Meditation cleanses your spirit and mind. All the doubt, insecurities, and pain can be fixed.

Once you reach a state of inner stillness and calmness, you can open the doors of positivity.

Use Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmations are statements that you need to say repeatedly until they become a part of your subconscious. Affirmations are good at replacing negative beliefs and helping you get your ex back. Some common positive affirmations for relationships are:

· I deserve to be loved.

· I am worthy of everything good in life.

· I am a worthwhile and valuable person.

· I am a great partner.

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A Combination of Multiple Methods is Better than Focusing on Just One

There are many manifestation methods:

· 55X5 manifestation method

· 777 manifestation method

· 333 manifestation method

· 369 manifestation method

· Pillow method

· Whisper method

While there are many manifestation methods, sometimes it is better to have a combination of methods. You don’t know which method will work; however, the success rate will increase significantly when you use more than one method. Go through each one of these methods, pick the ones that suit you the best.

Remember That This Takes Time

Manifestation can take a while; for instance, the law of attraction can take 24 hours or up to a week to manifest like a text message. For a medium manifestation, it can take over a week. For large manifestations, once they are done for something big like a relationship or a job, the manifestation can take six months to a decade.

The time period of manifestation also varies from person to person; however, no matter how long manifestation takes, you need to have patience and not give up. You need to ensure that you take all the necessary actions.

Remember that manifestation works best when you put focus and positive energy into it. Spend a little time daily working on your belief and visualizing what you want. Even if the manifestation fails and you don’t get the desired results, you should know that you will always receive something better. The universe knows what’s best for you, and you will get whatever is good for you.

Here are signs that will let you know that manifestation is working:

· The desire comes to your mind often.

· You feel you are making progress.

· You feel positive about your desires.

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