It is essential for the chakras to be in a state of stability and alignment or else one is prone to feel anxious, uncomfortable, and devoid of freedom. It isn’t as difficult to achieve stability as one might think it is. Sometimes, things as simple as a good tea can enable one to bring their chakras into alignment.

Sacral Chakra Opening With Cleansing Herbs

There are specific herbs with properties that have a cleansing effect. These are extremely effective in opening the sacral chakra, and they are more “interactive” than relying on gemstones. Their intake will enable a person to experience a smooth opening of the sacral chakra, and they will be more confident about themselves, their emotional vulnerabilities will be put into balance and the individuals can even get boosted access to their sexuality.

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Sacral Chakra Healing Herbs Options

There are multiple sacral chakra herbs that allow the easy opening of this chakra. The options of herbs for sacral chakra are as follow.

Gardenia is known to be the major herb for the healing of sacral chakra. Its roots and oil are very beneficial when put to correct use. Gardenia oil should be applied to the body because it is said to be very effective against soreness of the body. Hence, it will give relief and can unblock any obstructions.

Damiana is another herb that is highly suitable for sacral chakra opening because it has an aphrodisiac effect on the body. It is said to ensure that the nervous system remains calm to limit anxiety. Damiana can be best used by making a tea out of it. Dried leaves of damiana need to be boiled and given adequate time for brewing, and once that is done, then a great tea is ready.

If someone is only interested in oil-form options, then they must consider the rose as the most viable option. It’s the scent of the Rose that is believed to bring instant relief, but its oil is also thought to extensively curb hormonal imbalance from a spiritual level. Also, rose oil acts as an aphrodisiac, stimulating high sexual activity and giving easy access to the sacral chakra’s powers.

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Making a Chakra Tea From Dandelion Root

Among other options for sacral chakra healing herbs, dandelion root is another well-known one. There are multiple benefits of the tea made from Dandelion root. In some parts of the world, the tea is thought to solve issues of the liver, act as a weight-loss drug and be very effective in solving digestive problems. While Western studies are limited, these are some of the considerations of alternative medicine.

Making dandelion roots is very easy. Firstly, it is essential to find the purest dandelion leaves, meaning that no chemical additives or preservatives have been added to them. Next, using roots of dandelion in making tea is very important because the roots themselves are considered to be very beneficial. Once ideal roots are gathered, they need to be roasted to achieve a better taste. Roasting of roots will be done on a pan for a short period of time, and mid-way, the roots need to be flipped inside the pan to ensure roasting on all sides is performed. After roasting the roots, when it has been turned into a powdery form, it needs to be steeped. To do this, put the root powder in a bowl, pour hot water over it and let it rest for 10-20 minutes. After good steeping is done, then your dandelion root tea is ready.

The Best Herbs for Sacral Chakra Balance

For the sake of sacral chakra opening, an ideal balance needs to be achieved. There are multiple herbs that can help individuals work toward achieving this balance. The herbs that are known to bring about the best balance in sacral chakra are as follows:

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Sandalwood is among the options for the best herbs for the sacral chakra. The correct use of sandalwood to attain its beneficial effects towards sacral chakra opening so to either use it as a diffuser or in the form of a body oil. When using it as a diffuser, it is imperative to ensure that it is being used in its purest form, without the addition of any chemical additives. This is often used when paired with opal to aim for a doubling effect.

Ylang Ylang is another viable option to strike a balance in the sacral chakra and then contribute to sacral chakra opening. Not only does Ylang Ylang have an intoxicating scent but also aphrodisiac properties. However, the use of Ylang Ylang needs to be done by topical application. Its oil needs to be applied to various parts of the body, including the face and scalp. Once applied, the oil is thought to enable the user to experience reduced blood pressure, increased relaxation, and elevated sexual desire.

Jasmine is yet another option among the best herbs for sacral opening. This herb is sought after for its sedative properties that promote better sleep and, overall, increase your calmness. Additionally, jasmine oil can be diffused to achieve a calming effect in your immediate environment. Also, jasmine oil is thought to help to strike a hormonal balance. Hence, the sacral chakra opening can be achieved with ease using jasmine oil.

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Not All Herbs for the Sacral Chakra Work for Everyone

One must acknowledge that this mission of achieving sacral chakra opening requires patience, determination, and commitment. If a certain herb or essential oil doesn’t bring the desired effect in the individual, then they mustn’t give up on the mission overall. Instead, one should acknowledge that the failure of one herb means that there was a compatibility issue with the herb that was tried, so now you have to move to another herb and try their oil or tea. At one point, after some trial and error, you can achieve your desired outcome, that is, the opening of this particular chakra.

Non-herbal Options for the Root and Sacral Chakra

It is not necessary to only make use of the herbal options to find stability in the chakras; there are some non-herbal options as well that promote a healthy balance in the root and sacral chakras. An ideal non-herbal method of achieving the sacral chakra opening is yoga-postures. There are certain methods in yoga practiced to provide relief to the hips by means of stretching. These postures and stretches are beneficial. Also, meditation customized for chakras is powerful to achieve a balance in the chakras.

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