It is an out-of-this-world experience to have your chakras open in a time when you’re aspiring to have clear chakras. It’s in the intimate moments, where the individual wants to give all their energy and devotion. In such moments, if the determination falls short owing to the blocked or out-of-balance chakra, then that adds to the grief of the individuals involved at that moment.

The Location and Function of the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra covers the area beginning from the navel. Additionally, it covers the genitalia and all the area around it. This chakra has the function of enabling a human to experience, with moderation, various emotions. However, the major function of the sacral chakra is to make a person achieve optimal sexual energy. For this reason, it is also known as the “intimate energy chakra” or the “sexual energy chakra.” But that is not all. Functions like creativity, sustainability of healthy relationships, and the birth of desires are all under the domain of the sacral chakra.

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Sex and Chakras: How Your Root Chakra Could Influence Your Drive

Although this chakra has sexuality in its domain, the clear and complete expression of sexuality and desires for procreation is dependent on the fluid functioning of the root chakra. The sacral chakra and the root chakra are located very close to each other. The root chakra is located right below the area of the sacral chakra: the area where the spine begins.

As the name suggests, the root is responsible for providing the functioning of the basic elements of the living: survival and security. That’s one of the reasons why it tends to respond to sell to herbal teas and other drinks. Balance is achieved by the consumption of food and drink, and security is attained by procreating to ensure that the human species continues to live on this planet. Hence, the relationship is established that the security needs (procreation) are closely linked to the drive to have sex.

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How a Blocked Sexual Energy Chakra Can Make You Feel

The blockage or disbalance in the sacral chakra leads to a very dissatisfying relationship with your body because a human has to be indulged in the basic pleasures offered by this life to attain maintain sanity. Likewise, sex is that basic pleasure that is majorly responsible for satisfaction in life. It’s similar to how an imbalance in the heart chakra can affect the emotional side of things.

Hence, the chakras and sex go hand in hand. Balanced and fully open chakras are essential to undisturbed sexual energy and drive.

When the root and/or sacral chakra are blocked, then a lot of issues pertaining to sexuality are incurred by the individual. These can include weaker erections, inability to reach an orgasm, and feeling fatigued during and after sex. The root chakra is mainly responsible for supplying an individual with sexual stamina, regardless of gender. Similarly, this chakra is also responsible for providing, in men, adequate circulation of blood for the purpose of a stable erection. Also, the root chakra is the sexual energy chakra. Therefore, it is imperative for men and women alike to have strong root chakras in order to enjoy healthy sex life.

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Improving Your Sacral Chakras and Sex With These Ideas

Once it is identified that an individual has a blocked or imbalanced sacral chakra, they must actively work on it to improve the performance of this chakra: which will ultimately enable such individuals to have a better sex life. While using crystals and gems to open your chakras can be effective for some people, we recommend other techniques as well.

Sexual Chakra Meditation: Opening Your Sacral Through Deep Breathing

There are multiple techniques of meditation that are very effective in opening chakras. However, the best techniques are personalized and customized to stimulate a certain chakra. We will talk about a technique that is very simple but does wonders to the individuals’ chakras: deep breathing. Sex and chakras can both be improved through deep breathing, but this has to be done in a particular manner for it to be effective.

The individual needs to begin by finding a peaceful and silent place. In this type of sexual chakra meditation, you need to contract your pelvic muscles, sphincters, the naval area, and glutes as you breath in and out. These contractions are required to be done right after, either breathing out or breathing in. Additionally, you need to impose the lock for as long as they can; this can turn out to be very effective when done thirteen times, for example.

The meditation technique described above ensures that more than one chakra is relaxed. Contractions in the pelvic muscles and naval area enable the opening of the sacral in particular. This means the sexual energy chakra is targeted with this specific type of meditation.

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Other Sexual Energy Chakras to Work On

The sacral chakra is not the only chakra for sexual energy. Additionally, the root chakra in the same group, and it is equally important to work on opening it. The sexual chakra meditation method mentioned in the last section has a dual effect as well. The lock applied in the sphincters and the naval area affects the spine and makes way for the root chakra to open. This means you can have one technique that affects both areas simultaneously.

To target the root chakra during meditation or any other relaxation practice is essential. Whenever, during meditation, any organ or part of the body, which is directly in the domain of the spine, is targeted then that will automatically relax the spine too, and the root chakra will be stimulated.

Providing relief to the root is much easier than taking corrective actions for other chakras because of its location so low to the ground. Doing something as easy as dancing by yourself can help balance it. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an expert dancer to take up this option, just put on some music and add motion to your body. Another method, which is even easier than dancing, is to take a shower. Just take a shower consciously and mindfully to feel each and every drop of water flowing on your body. The physical experience of showering is very stimulating for the two sexual energy chakras. The root is corrected by all the physical actions as well, so actions like showering, dancing, breathing, exercising, walking, and even visualizing help balance it out.

The essence of life is built by our spine. That makes it very important to ensure that the root chakra is always in order and open.

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