The Sanskrit term for ‘wheel’ is a chakra. So ‘chakras’ are the many ‘wheels’ of energy around our bodies. Seven major chakras go from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. There are mainly 7 chakras of the human body, and among them is the Heart Chakra (The Anahata Chakra).

It is important to understand all seven chakras of the human body because they will assist us in determining the fundamental cause of our body’s problems within this belief system and, ultimately, in resolving them. Finding and comprehending the chakras may assist in the mending of mental and physical wounds from the past. It is also stated that wearing green clothing and jewelry aids in the healing of an underactive heart.

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An underactive heart chakra can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • Loneliness
  • Shyness and social anxiety
  • Being overly critical towards yourself and others
  • Holding grudges
  • Inability to give or receive freely
  • Suspicion and fear, especially in friendships and romantic relationships

In this article, we are mainly focusing on the heart chakra which is also known as Anahata Chakra.

The Function and Purpose of the Anahata Chakra. (aka Heart or Fourth Chakra)

This chakra is the fourth chakra in the body, and it is related to the emotions of love, understanding, and compassion, precisely as its name suggests and as its description suggests too. It is located in the middle of the chest, rather than where the actual organ is located slightly off to the side. This chakra is in charge of emotional healing and mental well-being, as well as physical health. This is often mistaken as the job of the third eye, however.

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It is primarily concerned with the beating of the heart, torso, circulation, blood flow, lungs, esophagus, breasts, stomach, shoulders, hands, and forearms, among other organs. It is believed that when your heart chakra is linked and healthy, empathy and affection may easily flow—both giving and receiving positive energy—throughout your body.

  • Color: Green and Pink.
  • Element: Air

What Does It Mean When Your Heart Chakra is Blocked?

A blocked heart chakra may lead to imbalanced behavior changes. In such conditions a person may feel the following emotions:

  • Difficulty with love
  • Feeling of despair
  • Mood variations
  • Lack of hope
  • Compassion
  • Confidence

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Physical Options: How to Open Anahata Chakra with Yoga Poses

It is believed that physical yoga helps to open Anahata Chakra. If someone is facing an imbalance in their chakra, they can seek help from the following yoga poses:

  • Cow/Cat Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Camel Pose

Cow/Cat Pose:

It is also known as Marjaryasana. Begin with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees in a tabletop posture. On an inhalation, bring your belly button down toward the earth while lifting your chest and tailbone up. Exhale by pushing into your hands and rounding your spine. Bring your belly button up and in, and your chin in toward your chest. Repeat these postures as many times as you desire, shifting from breathing to movement.

Cobra Pose:

It is also known as Bhujangasana. In a prone posture, rest your elbows on the floor and your hands stretched forward, feet together. Inhale and pull the torso up, keeping your hands pushed down. Extend the neck by looking up.

Camel Pose

It is also known as Ustrasana. Start by kneeling in front of your mat. Knees should be at least 6 inches apart (measure by placing two fists in between your knees). Your feet’s soles are pointing downward. Begin by supporting yourself with your palms on your lower back. Proceed by lowering your head and arching your back, pulling your hips and pelvis forward.

Take your hands, and place them on your heels one at a time. Take a tight grip. Straighten your arms till your back is arched. Keep your mouth and jaw closed, and your eyes open. Inhale deeply. Maintain the position for at least 20 seconds. Return your hands to your lower back for support and gently straighten your back. It is natural to feel dizzy and emotional. Sit on your heels and take deep breaths to slow your pulse rate.

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Mental Options: How to Balance Heart Chakra Issues With a Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is a wonderful emotional state to cultivate. It will aid in the healing of any misalignment between feelings and emotions. Gratitude will assist in removing any obstacles and will open this chakra to universal love. Keeping a gratitude diary, generating gratitude lists, or creating visual tokens will improve your emotional well-being.

You can meditate by simply saying “Thank you” and feeling it while drinking your favorite herbal tea. According to the Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association, several studies suggest that thankfulness has numerous good consequences on well-being, including stress reduction, depression reduction, and increased social support.

Open Your Heart for Forgiveness and Empathy

By showing compassion to everyone and everything on this planet, you have the potential to stimulate and activate the heart chakra. Forgive the person who has harmed you, love unconditionally, spend quality time with your loved ones, act on your feelings, voice your feelings, and express them.

Doing philanthropic work on a daily basis keeps you grounded and exposes you to the lives of those who are less fortunate, helping you to develop empathy for them. Do it in such a way that everyone who comes into touch with you recognizes that you have such features.

A Blocked Heart Chakra Makes It More Difficult to Feel Loving Emotions

Having a blockage in the heart chakra may result in bodily manifestations such as poor circulation, cardiac issues, and respiratory disorders such as asthma, among other things. The cleansing of your heart chakra may assist you in recovering and living a healthy life, both emotionally and physically if you are suffering from one of these conditions on a regular basis. As a result, it makes one feel like they can’t process love and compassion towards others.

It’s Easy to Balance Heart Chakra Issues and Open Yourself Emotionally

The heart chakra (Anahata Chakra) is concerned with the act of expressing love to others and the acceptance of love and compassion from those around us. When our hearts are in harmony, we are able to seek for love from others while also expressing thanks and respect for them.

It facilitates the exchange of true ideas, emotions, and sentiments both verbally and nonverbally. Maintaining a healthy heart chakra also enables us to remain energized and friendly throughout the day. It also facilitates our ability to form powerful emotional bonds with persons who deserve our whole attention and admiration.

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