It’s important to understand that your natal chart is a visual representation of what most refer to as the “zodiacal DNA.” However, unlike your zodiac sign, which can usually be determined solely based on your date of birth, your natal chart takes into account your precise date of birth, the time, and place of birth in order to create what is primarily a glimpse as to what the sky resembled like when you first came into the world.

In addition, the position of each planetary object regarding the other planets and their connection to one another has plenty to say about your personality, aspirations, obstacles, and other parts of your identity.

An eclipse of the moon from the Earth.

Although it’s preferable to work with an astrologer to interpret and better comprehend the many aspects of your astrological signs, a quick peek at your natal chart will disclose your “the main big three,” which are the sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign.

And being better acquainted with the principles of your natal chart will assist you in developing a more nuanced and powerful grasp of your very own astrological profile.

Astrology Big Three Meaning Explained

The big three in astrology are the Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs, which indicate your character’s core elements, the path through life, and narrative. When these three zodiac signs are combined, they make what experts refer to as your astrological “handshake.” You must know what they mean separately and what they interpret as when combined. So for that purpose, look at the following description of the “Big Three” and “The Big Three Zodiac Sign” meanings.

Big Three Zodiac Meaning: Sun Placement

The majority of individuals are already aware of their Sun signs before learning about birth charts. This is because the Sun sign is the most straightforward. For the daily horoscopes, all you really need is your date of birth to find out what sign you are in.

Position of the sun, moon and earth compared to each other in space.

While you say, “I’m an Aquarius” or “I’m a Libra,” what you’re stating is that you were born when the Sun was in the same particular Zodiac sign at the time of your birth.

Sun significations in a person’s natal chart include your identity. It may also reveal information about your life’s purpose or direction. Moreover, examining not just the sign your Sun is in, as well as its position in the natal chart may provide you with insight into how you perceive all of the many elements of your personality at any given time. Here is the list of aspects that you can learn through your sun placement:

  • Your essence.
  • Your persona.
  • Your ego.
  • What is it that inspires and encourages you?
  • The kind and quantity of energy you exude.

Big 3 Astrology Meaning: Moon Placement

The shimmering, beautiful moon casts a radiant glow over your emotions and intuition. Being aware of how it manifests itself in your natal chart may also assist you in gaining more insight into your life experiences, people, and how you will interact with them on an emotional level. When discussing compatibility, astrologers will often refer to it as one of the most important components of a chart to consider since you want to be in harmony with a companion when it comes to your emotions. In a chart interpretation, your Moon sign describes the following:

  • Your thoughts and emotions.
  • Your psychological and social patterns.
  • Your personal and subjective life experience.
  • Your rooted ways of conduct.
  • Your perception of safety.
  • What causes you to feel confident or uneasy.
  • What you do and how you respond and process.

A constellation of stars above the earth in the sky.

Big Three Astrology Meaning: Rising Placement

The rising sign, also known as the ascendant, represents your exterior self — the “portrayal” that others see when they first meet you, and it will often impact how others perceive you as well.

Additionally, your rising sign tells the narrative of the abilities, skills, and techniques that you’ll utilize as you go through your path in life, in addition to describing your exterior personality. The rising placement describes:

  • Your talent.
  • Your individuality.
  • Your own style.
  • The caliber of your existence.
  • People’s perceptions of you and how you present yourself in the world.
  • How you imagine you are “intended” to appear in the world.

Putting It All Together on Your Natal Chart

Newbies to astrology frequently attempt to combine the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs into something more precise than this: You are the sum of your three zodiac signs. Your personality is represented by these three components, each reflecting a distinct side. Some people’s Big Three are represented by zodiac signs that are opposed to one another, displaying opposing and even adversarial aspects of their personalities.

In certain signs, such as the fire signs Aries and Leo, two or three of these characteristics may be found in the same sign or same element. Alternatively, the constant signs Scorpio, Capricorn, and Sagittarius are all in the same type or quality. The similarities and variances that exist between these three indications are what make the Big Three so intriguing to consider.

A set of galaxies and stars.

The Real Big Three Astrology Meaning is How the Sun, Moon, and Rising Placements Interact

Comparing the Sun, the moon, and the rising positions will allow you to get a more comprehensive knowledge of who you are and how the rest of the world perceives you. They give a better insight than you could have by focusing just on one of your signs.

The way your three zodiac signs interact is through your birth details, like your date of birth, the time, and the place. When we have this information, the real big three signs depict the sky and the events that happened to determine your personality.

They mix and match and find out where you fit. The big three astrology sign set balances one another out and reveals a great deal about your character. Suppose you have a Gemini sun sign, a Pisces moon sign, and a Capricorn rising sign, for example. In that case, you can come off as cold-hearted when you’re the temperamental kind with a romantic, delicate personality.

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