For most, it is a desire to remain connected to their loved ones, even after their demise that causes so much emotion when they appear in dreams. People tend to remain connected to them by maintaining emotional value with the belongings and possessions of the deceased as well. However, there are certain instances when one dreams about their deceased loved ones, and that is an entirely different experience. Some people brush off such dreams by deeming them as a figment of their imagination, but some people who believe that dreams are a medium of communication between different worlds tend to seek out the meaning of such dreams.

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Father Dream Meaning in General: A Guide to Help You With Decisions

People who see their father in their dreams aren’t only seeing those dreams to fill a void in themselves, even if their father is alive. The real meaning depends on the kind of relationship an individual has had with their father. For example, if the father played a role of a guide or source of hope in one’s life, then the dreams about the father are likely a depiction of guidance required by the individual in their life. Guidance in important decisions of life could be one thing, or it could be guidance to be able to get out of a difficult situation.

Why Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones Cause a Lot of Emotion

To feel emotional is inevitable when someone sees their deceased loved ones in their dreams. You might feel elated, or you might feel very low if it was a dream about that loved one dying. But it’s true that the dreamer wants to live in that moment for an extended period to ensure that they can spend enough time with their deceased loved ones, but is the time spent ever enough to make one feel satisfied? The phenomenon of seeing loved ones after their death is known as grief dreams. Although the term sounds negative, many people’s grief dreams change the course of their lives.

Grief dreams are usually the mind’s way of regulating our emotions. If someone has recently experienced the loss of their loved one, then it’s a possibility that their period of grief becomes prolonged, and it’s at this point when the grief dreams come in to show the grieving person a glimpse of their loved one. After the glimpse, the person is expected to get better and move on with their life.

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How Dreaming About Dead Dad Can Stir Dormant Emotions Even More

Parents are an essential part of an individual’s life. The loss of one or both parents can have a great impact on a human being’s psyche. People would want to trade anything to be able to spend a few moments with their loved ones in this life. Talking about dad: If I am dreaming of my deceased father, it is very likely to make me want to stay in that dream for as long as possible. Even though you’re chasing him, you can also have dreams about being chased by spirits like your father or someone else. My emotional energy after such a dream is also likely to be very different. I would be either too drained emotionally, or very pumped up, which depends on the context of my dream. This is even more the case if you don’t know how to tell when you’re dreaming.

This can be made even more complicated if your father appears as an animal. For example, dreams about wolves who represent family members are particularly common.

I’m Dreaming of My Deceased Father: Now What?

Once you begin dreaming about your dead dad, you need to try to recall the entire dream. This will enable you to resonate with the correct meaning of the dream in light of the generally accepted interpretations of the father dream meaning.

1st Case: Dreaming of Dead Father Talking to Me

I will tell you how I would interpret dreaming of your dead father talking to you: as per generally accepted meanings of dreaming about a dead dad. If he’s talking to you, then pay attention to both the words he’s saying but also the context he’s saying them in. They could be symbolic, but it all comes down to one thing.

Meaning: There’s Something You Should Be Doing, and Your Mind is Explaining It

If I am dreaming of my deceased father and he is talking to me, I will carry out a self-analysis of my physical and mental health and see if there’s some issue with my health that needs to be addressed or something I’m ignoring that I need to be taking on. Also, I would take the meaning of dreaming of my dead father talking to me as some form of indecisiveness that is present in me. This is, primarily, because people look up to their fathers for a lot of guidance. Hence, if you are still dreaming of him when he’s no longer around to help you, then you are definitely reminiscing about the times when he was there to guide you.

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Lastly, it can just be a mere way of your mind taking up the role of the person whose words and advice you trust, i.e., your father. The mind becomes your father and communicates to you the need to change something, which isn’t going right or is something you’re worried about in general.

2nd Case: Dream of Dead Father Not Talking to Me

The presence of a dead person in your dreams can really cause you to experience an unexplainable feeling. But such an experience will be significantly different if you see your own dead father in your dream and on top of that, he isn’t speaking to you. At such a time when you’re very eager to listen to their voice but they aren’t speaking, this can clearly put you at unease.

Meaning: You’re Lying to Yourself About What You Should Be Doing

The meaning of a dream of a dead father not talking to me is simple: There’s something that I am doing against my own principles and values and averting the guilt by comforting myself with a lie. It is this lie that my mind isn’t buying, and the mind appears as my dead dad in front of me and not talking to me. Basically, my dad’s resentment towards me in the dream is my conscience’s disapproval of my actions. The longer I feed myself with lies, it is likely my dead dad will persist in not talking to me in my dreams.

It is imperative that I bring correction in my life. I have to pursue the right thing to ensure that I do not end up being vulnerable in these dreams. And the motivation to do this will be to enable my dead dad to talk to me. The longer he doesn’t speak to me, the longer I will be in discomfort.

What to Take Away From These Dreams

The meaning is crystal clear that dreaming about dead dad is usually there to be a guiding factor in our lives, almost always. The mind portrays the same role which our fathers usually play in our lives: a supervisor and a guardian. The bridges between our conscious and our subconscious are the dreams in this way, and they provide an opportunity for growth with our dreams. They keep our conduct in check using visuals to speak to us and communicate what we really need.

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So, whenever the gulf between our conscious and subconscious increases, it will usually make the visuals of our dreams very vivid and astonishing. The idea is to make us aware that an alignment between our actions and conscience is due. The conscience rarely assumes a negative role in attacking us. Instead, it’s almost always our actions that go against our values, and then our conscience and subconscious find a way to communicate their grievances. In this case, it’s summoning the human figure in our dreams, whose agreement matters the most to us, which in this case is the father.

The variations in the meanings I take when I am dreaming of my dead father talking to me and when I dream of dead father not talking to me is simple. When there’s something that I am not doing but should be doing, then my dead father is talking to me, and when there’s something that I am doing but should not be doing then my dead father is not talking to me. In both cases, it’s clear that I should be making a correction to my behavior to get my mind in alignment.

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