One of the most common dreams that people have that make them wonder just what is going on is when they dream about spiders. Because they are such powerful and primal symbols, spiders tend to break through the fog of not being able to remember what you were dreaming about. If you’re not used to remembering your dreams, that can make these particular instances stand out to you and make you wonder why you were dreaming about them.

Slow Down and Notice the Details

The first thing to do is take a long, slow, deep breath and relax. Most spider dreams don’t mean something bad, so you probably have no reason to worry. However, you will need to narrow things down a bit to figure out what your dream was trying to tell you. Here are a few things you need to make a list or mental note of before we jump into interpreting your spider dream:

  • How big was the spider?
  • How close was the spider to you?
  • Was it above you, below you, near you or far away from you?
  • What color was the spider?
  • Did you dream about a specific type of spider?

If you can answer these five questions, that will tell you where to start looking. As you can imagine, there’s a big difference in dreaming of spiders crawling on you and dreaming about a spider on his way to work in the morning. In the following, we’ll take a look at the most common answers to these questions and what you can do to figure out what they mean.

A black spider looking at the camera, almost as if he is curious.

Starting Out: The Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

Before we jump into the specifics, we need to point out what the general meaning of spiders is for our psyche. We operate on two primary planes when it comes to how we sort symbols. Those symbols tend to be associated with the masculine or feminine, but they also tend to be associated with chaos or order. The thing about spiders in dreams is that they are virtually always representative of the feminine-chaotic element.

Since the feminine-chaotic element is primarily about growth and opportunity, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

This is true for the Biblical meaning of spiders in dreams as well. Mentions of spiders in the Bible and other holy texts almost always center around the feminine-chaotic and the potential and opportunity to turn chaos into order.

Getting Deeper Into the Biblical Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

The most important Biblical mention of spiders is found in and around Proverbs 30:28. In a discussion about things that are small but effective, it says: The spider skillfully grasps with its hands, and it is in kings’ palaces. The point is that the spider is small, but it can live in a palace like a king through consistent dutiful work.

This is a perfect example of how dreaming about spiders often has the idea of potential and opportunity at the core of it. Even in the Bible of all places, the same concept is shown in an important lesson about taking advantage of opportunity by working hard to turn chaos into order. Again, we see that the spiritual meaning of spiders in dreams is generally positive as long as you don’t get caught off guard.

A silhouette of a small, black spider on a web on a red, dream-like background.

Why the Size of the Spider Matters

There’s a big difference in how a large spider makes you feel compared to a small one. Since your dreams have a large component to them that consists of dealing with how you feel, the size element matters a lot. Consider the difference in these possibilities for an example of what we mean:

  • A giant spider dream meaning could be about a large but daunting opportunity that you have in front of you.
  • If you dream of spiders everywhere, that could mean you’re already thrown into the middle of trying to take advantage of an opportunity.
  • A small spider in a dream hiding from you could be the result of your unconscious mind trying to alert you to an opportunity that you haven’t yet seen in a conscious manner.

The thing about these dreams is that people tend to be afraid of them no matter the size of the thing. If you’re afraid of spiders, then you’re afraid of spiders in general. However, what you need to see is that the size of the spider is primarily associated with the amount of opportunity that it represents.

The Two Most Common Colors of Spiders in Dreams

Black and white are the two most common colors of spiders in dreams. If you dream about a spider in a different color, then chances are that your dream is more about the meaning of that specific color than the spider. With that said, both of these colors play into the same ongoing theme of opportunity that we’ve been looking at here.

However, the presentation and nature of that opportunity can be in a lot different context. These two colors tend to represent those possible contexts, broken down into two general scenarios.

Breakdown of a Black Spider Dream Meaning

While spiders tend to represent the potential found in the feminine-chaotic, they are also tied to the inherent process that the feminine-chaotic brings about, which is the process of converting chaos into order. A black spider in a dream, especially if you dream about black widow spiders, is generally about the beginning of this process. That is to say, it’s when the opportunity is more about chaos than order.

People know these types of situations really well. If you’re afraid to take advantage of an opportunity, or if you’re dealing with an active fear of failure, then you’ve probably found the black spider dream meaning for yourself. Additionally, you could have already started on an opportunity like a new job, but you’re in the early stages where you’re still learning everything. In either case, you understand what we mean.

Breakdown of a White Spider Dream Meaning

The white spider still embraces the process of turning chaos into order that comes from the feminine-chaotic. However, it has a deeper meaning of focusing specifically on the latter half of that process. To put it in more simple terms, it’s more about when the process is starting to become more order than chaos.

However, it’s critical to recognize that a white spider dream meaning is often about a warning of becoming too compliant.

Here’s why this happens. When you’ve worked hard, and things are starting to seem like they’re going to calm down and work out, that’s when you’re tempted to rest on your laurels. The white spider is there to remind you that there is still chaos lurking in the garden. People who have this type of dream often dream of a hidden snake at some point as well, or the white spider will be small or trying to hide.

The whole point is that you need to take this as a warning that you should pay attention. Otherwise, all of your hard work could come undone by you taking your foot off of the pedal.

A waving view of stars up above representing the imagery people often seen when falling asleep.

Dreams About Specific Species of Spiders

Sometimes you’ll have a dream that’s much more specific than a generic spider just taking up space. When your mind generates a dream about a certain species of spiders, it’s the species itself and the associated symbolism that you should make sure to pay attention to.

Do You Want to Find Your Tarantula Dream Meaning?

One of the two most common types of species-specific spider dreams involves a tarantula. They’re a symbol of something scary, so the fear element of the feminine-chaotic issue of opportunity is accentuated. However, you also have to remember something else about these animals: They’re also a challenge that is within reach.

Don’t believe that? Then answer this: How many times have you seen children handling tarantula spiders on television or in videos online? It happens all the time, and they’re actually pretty harmless, fuzzy and cute once you get over the fear of the situation.

The lesson and symbolism here are pretty straightforward. The core of the tarantula dream meaning is that you are blowing the fear component of the opportunity out of proportion. Once you make the active decision to confront that fear, you’ll be completely safe.

Did You Have a Dream About Black Widow Spiders?

The black widow spider is one of the most famous spiders because of its excellent imagery. The black body with the red hourglass-like shape is hard to forget, and it’s been used in super hero movies and all kinds of other symbolic situations.

As such, it has a very strong internal symbolism association for virtually everyone. What experience will tell you, however, is that a lot of this symbolism involves a degree of transformation.

Consider that you have an opportunity in front of you. The black widow spider could represent that, but it has two elements that may make you wonder if it’s a good idea to push forward. The first is the imagery that we noted above. However, the second is the motif of poison, which is how the venomous black widow spider takes its prey.

That poison is symbolic of the transformation that you will have to take in order to become a new and improved version of yourself by taking that opportunity. It’s not that much different than the concept of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Just like the phoenix burning hurts, so does the poison from the black widow. However, after you make that sacrifice (ie: hard work and stress from taking the risk), you are reborn as something better and stronger.

A black door opening up into a room with red lighting.

Putting It All Together

So let’s say you had a dream about killing spiders. Perhaps you were dreaming of spiders crawling on you, so you started lashing out and smashing them. They were all small and black, and you were afraid of them, which spurred you into quick action.

If we start with the premise that these are representing some type of opportunity, it’s not hard to figure out what this dream could mean for you. Being jolted into action so that you don’t lose your opportunity is a good bet. Sometimes you have to feel your back against the wall to be pushed into action, and that’s the kind of symbolism you should probably get from this.

Alternatively, a single giant spider dream meaning could be more about having to voluntarily go face the opportunity instead of letting it pass by. As we mentioned further above, the size and location of the thing matter a lot when it comes to what it means for you in your specific dream.

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