If you’ve ever wondered how birth chart astrology works, this article will provide you with a brief explanation that you may use at any time. If you want your birth chart read, you must know three things about yourself: your birth date, where you were born, and what time you were born. A birth chart depicts the sky at the moment of your birth, with your birth time, date, and place in the middle. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is represented on the birth chart. The wheel is split into 12 pieces, which are known as Houses. Each house represents a distinct aspect of your life, ranging from love to job to the economy and everything in between and beyond.

Astrology charts laying on an end table.

A birth chart reading promises to reveal astrological insights about your personality, life destiny, and other aspects. Whether in the natal horoscope or directed/progressed charts, each sign’s beginning, middle, and final degrees contain particular and profound meanings.

What Do Degrees in Astrology Mean?

Degree placements in the birth chart place all nine planets within 30 degrees of a sign. Position the planets between 0 and 30 degrees. The “Degree System of Astrology” is defined as a close link between any two planets in such a placement by the locations of degrees.

In this natal chart, the Moon is the highest degree object while Venus is the low degree planet. The degrees of the Ascendant and Jupiter are very close to the position of the Sun.

Measuring Different Degrees in Astrology Chart Layouts

The birth chart is arranged in a 360° circle. The circle is split into twelve 30° sign segments. The zodiac signs are split into three parts of ten degrees each. There are several levels of separation known as aspects and degrees of orb.

Constellations on a star chart.

What the Degrees in Birth Chart Layouts Mean

The degree is the actual position of each planet inside each sign, which is useful when looking at transits or how the astrology of the day, week, or month will affect your chart. It tells how planets interact with each other. Each sign begins at 0 degrees and progresses to the 29th degree. Every degree belongs to one zodiac sign, or more accurately, each degree conveys the energy of a certain Zodiac sign.

Your Birth Chart Interpretations: How are They Found?

When we put our details in the birth chart program, we should keep a sharp eye on these factors: your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant. These are extremely important factors since they shape the fundamental components of you and how you engage with life daily.

Your Sun sign is inextricably linked to your inner personality and identity. The Moon sign is associated with your inner emotional life and soul. The interpretation can be divided into the following two parts:

  • Locate your sign: A Zodiac chart’s outer rim is split into 12 parts. Your birthday will fall into one of those categories. Your Zodiac sign is determined by the part where your birth date falls.
  • Learn the meaning of your sign: The meaning can be found by the qualities of the angles. Helping one to know about their personality trait.
  • Find the Ascendant: the Ascendant is the exact location of the Sun rising on the Eastern horizon when you were born. If you do not provide your birth date, you will only know your Sun and Moon signs, not your Ascendant.
  • Learn about the houses: There are twelve houses, each of which has its meaning. Try to learn about them.
  • Locate the Planets: Planets transiting through the various houses of your horoscope have an impact on your reading. Planets are represented by various symbols and are dispersed across the chart. Planets are divided into personal and outer planets.
  • Learn about the Personal Planets: Personal planets include the sun, the moon, mercury, venus, and mars.
  • Learn about the Outer Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune.
  • Final Interpretation: It is now finally the time to interpret your Planets using your houses and signs and how do they appear in the chart. By using these points, you can interpret the meaning of your birth chart.

Drawing the angles on a natal chart.

The Critical Degrees: Astrology by Angles

The crucial degrees are “lunar” because they are never steady – there is always some doubt or difficulty regarding them. Any natal planet or horoscope angle inside a one-degree orb of any of these spots is deemed important. There is a lot of hissing and spitting in life where there is a key planet or angle in the chart. Critical degrees can be thought of as representing one’s abstract life go.

Reading Your Astrology Degrees Chart

Degrees are, also known as angles, are present in birth charts have several qualities of signs. Here is the list of them:

  • 1, 13, 25 degrees: Aries degree: It helps Aries being sports, physical activity, entrepreneur, self-starter, bold.
  • 2, 14, 26 degrees: Taurus degrees: It brings possession, beauty, being stubborn, and nature. 
  • 3, 15, and 27: Gemini degreescommunication of all sorts, being witty, curious, all sorts of business, friends, and teammates.
  • 4, 16, 28: Cancer degree: home, mother, emotions, taking care of something/someone, nurturing, protecting.
  • 5, 17, and 29: Leo Degrees: being a leader, proud, charismatic, restaurant, sunny places, holidays, having an audience, followers are all aspects of the Leo.
  • 6, 18: Virgo degree: work, workplace, service, critical, analytical, organized, health issues.
  • 7, 19: Libra degree: harmony, balanced, relationship, beauty, art, pairing up, being fair, weddings.
  • 8, 20: Scorpio degree: being suspicious, intense, having an obsession with something, being deep in that topic, and transformation of all sorts.
  • 9, 21: Sagittarius degree: freedom, foreign country, foreign matters, horse riding, high education.
  • 10, 22: Capricorn degree: success, prestige, delays, obstacles, karmic difficulties, hard work, and responsibilities.
  • 11, 23: Aquarius degree: friends, a large group of people, liberating, the liberation of some sort being inventive, technology, something unusual, fast development, circulation.
  • 12, 24: Pisces degree: The qualities of being spiritual and creative; sensitivity and empathy.

The larger realm of zodiac angles displayed on a chart.

Astrology Natal Chart Angles and Meaning

A natal birth chart is a map that represents the placements of the planets at the time of birth. The Natal Chart covers placements of the moon, sun, stars, and other astronomical objects and how they impact the native’s existence.

It should be noted that all astrological forecasts made during a man’s life will be based only on his Natal chart. As a result, the chart must be drawn correctly at the moment of birth, accurately indicating the positions of the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies. The precise time of birth and place is critical for calculating the exact degree of the rising or setting signs. The degrees are required to denote the position of the native’s twelve houses.

Learning to Read Natal Charts is All About the Angle

To read the natal charts, you must be able to perform the following steps:

  1. Examine the birth chart degree by degree, noting which sign and house each planet is in.
  2. Keep track of the Rising Sign degree, and the house the Ascendant’s ruler inhabits.
  3. You may now look up the “Chart Interpretations” of each of your planets and Rising Signs.
  4. The zodiac sign will reveal the planet’s manifestation.
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